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The Propellian's Cohesion

"COMING together is a beginning;
KEEPING together is progress;
WORKING togther is success."

**      The journey of a thousand mile BEGIN
          from a single step.

**      PROGRESS is the activity of today and
         assurance of tomorrow.

**      Hardwork, resilience and determination
          would be the passport of our SUCCESS.

The Propellian's Integrity

People with trustworthy and high minded
character would put the interest of their
company or others above their own : through
constant asking ourselves if our actions are
aligned with our principles, we shall live them
with the highest level of integrity.

As an effective Propellian, we invent our own
abilities, beliefs and self-awareness on a
regular basis. Today we shall make an effort
to know ourselves better than we do now.

The Propellian's Leadership

REAL LEADERS are ordinary people with
extraordinary determination and the
difference between ordinary and
extraordinary is that little extra.

A LEADER works to assure that his
compelling vision is tangible and motivating
for all who follow his dream. He is one who
knows the way, goes the way and
consistently stay behind to show the way.
Together with tenacity, we can attain
greater heights.

The Propellian's Aspiration

Success is not a destination. As we are
propelling towards our mission and complete
old goals, we shall continually make new ones
to keep us on our journey. In spite of the
inevitable obstacles that block our path, our
beliefs give us the magnificent strength we
need to continually make progress towards
our vision.

Perseverance moves mountains and nothing
can stop a willing heart. The future belongs to
those who believe in the beauty of their
dreams and aspiration.