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Propell Integrated Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore back in 1999 with the company spearheaded by our Managing Director and founder, Mr Leng Yew Meng. Since the inception of the Company, we have strengthened our corporate management and widen the business activities. In the course of handling the projects and term contracts, our team has earned valuable experiences and exposure.  Today, we have a dedicated team of projects and facilities management staffs consisting of Directors, Financial Controllers, Managers, Executives, Engineers, Estimators, Purchaser, Draftsmen, Technicians and Supervisors. Over the years, our staffs have grown to more than 200 employees in strength from a good mix of different "race, ethnic and nationality".

In line with Propell's business plan to position ourselves as a Mechanical and Electrical Integrated Specialist, we segregate our expertise into one, in providing M & E Engineering Services and the other, in managing Facilities Maintenance for our clients. In Project Management, we diversify our segment into residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, upgrading and other infrastructure development projects to be versatile while Facilities Management focuses on providing building and M&E maintenance service to building and estate in various sectors. The two execution arms in our company aim to support and collaborate with each other as part of our business strategy to offer a one stop solution to our clients.   

Our M & E Engineering Services have continue to take up the relative industry market leader's role and we are capable in supply, install and management of Electrical Engineering, Extra Low-Voltage System, ACMV System, Fire Prevention and Protection System, Energy Efficiency System and Integrated Building and M&E Facilities Management and Maintenance. Besides supplying and execution of the works, our company also conducts inspection, testing, design and consultation for projects, and implementation of facilities maintenance services to meet the demands and challenges ahead.

Tapping on the experience curve of the past contracts that we have successfully completed together with our continual people development, our attainments have helped the company to achieve various certifications and awards.  To further sharpen our competitive edge and continue to speak volume of our professionalism, Propell has maintained a wide range of our in-house licensed and approved personal such as the EMA Licensed Electrical Worker in Professional Engineer and Technician grade, Licensed Cable Detection Worker, BCA certified M&E Specialist, IDA Licensed Wiring Installer, MOM certified Safety Officer and ISO Qualified Lead Auditor.

Propell believes in keeping abreast with the times and upkeep our company image incessantly. In so doing we acquire modern technology and "know-how" management to achieve continual improvement of our quality of products and services. Our top management and team members are also committed to work towards our customer's needs and provide excellent service.

In Propell we treasure our people as our most valuable resources.  Not only they are our most important asset, they are also the core element in our competitive advantage, main driving force for our organizations agility and the key success factor to our achievement today.

Emphasizing on one of our management systems in Meritocracy, we are committed to develop our people to their fullest potential by implementing job-enlargement and job-enrichment to their routine job scope. The management also institute vigorous continual education, improvement program and re-training to upgrade our people from time to time. Each day, we take steps to ensure that the management process are modern and in pace with the current rapid changing business demand.